GLOSA Talks 2019 May 28 Hilton Prague


GLOSA Talks!

Let's talk about the future.

Just a few years ago we had only a vague idea of the power of social media. Nowadays they are changing the lives of millions of people around the world. They are not only connecting friends & families – they have also become a big player in other areas like marketing, sales, and the non-profit sector. So what now? What lies ahead? Let's meet in Prague this May to discuss the future of social media marketing.


At the end of May, some of the most widely-followed people on the planet will meet in Prague to discuss what has changed in their lives in the last ten years thanks to the expansion of social networks. Top names in global marketing will join them in the GLOSA Talks conference, which will precede the Global Social Awards.


The conference will focus on the transformation of marketing, the behavior of users, and the prevalence of influencers in recent years. Discussions will also be held on what to expect for the future. Over the course of the day, six such discussions will take place between the representatives of a given segment, i.e. modeling, talent management, or the influence of personal branding.


There is only a limited number of tickets available for this event so make sure you reserve your seat now.